Building our own tripod for less then 10 bucks!

Hey wood junkies its your old friend the woodworking junkie!

This week we are building our own tripod for our new camera. Video#1 is on the old camera, Video#2 is on the new.. can you tell the difference? I kept this easy as i could so any beginner should have no problem getting into this. Its made entirely of 2×4 so total cost… somewhere around six dollers. I dropped by my local wallmart and found their cheapest tripod at 49.99$. Wallmarts was a total of 6 feet in its highest position and mine came in at just over 8 feet with the head on it. I cant take credit for the design of the tripod base, I saw it about two years back on an old inactive YouTube account and build it by memory. It took some figuring out but after just a little frustration we got there! Please enjoy the video!

The design i came up with for the tripod head came to me when trying to think of something far to complicated, I had to remind myself that my channel and social followers are largely beginning woodworkers. Keeping it simple isnt always as simple as it sounds though, With a little thought thought and trial and error I came up with an adjustable head that also swivels that can be made fairly easily. Please enjoy and if you like what you see come on over to the channel and give us a like, Comment on the videos and Subscribe for more content! Dont forget to jump over to our fanpage on facebook for some behind the project looks leading up to the video’s and lots of shares of other great channels content! thanks for the read!

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building a shoe rack from gift wrapped wood…

Hey ladies and gents! This last weekend we made a shoe rack from hard wood pallets i collect at work. Its a mixture of poplar, oak, maple and whatever else may be floating around, In the interest of time I had to make it 2 shelves but looking back on it, I should have made 3. Making my projects public on youtube tends to make feel rushed to meet a deadline. Iv decided this last week that im no longer rushing threw a project simply to get a video out on time, If im a day late, Ill live. The shoe rack is fairly straight forward. pocket hole joinery, glue and a nice linseed oil finish. This next video im making a tripod out of 2×4 and its turning into a bit of a nightmare. Iv always told myself not to use plans and get technical, to just be imaginative and have fun… Im proving myself wrong on this one. One problem after another seems to arise that could have easily been eliminated if I had taken the time to plan out my project in advance. I watched a quick video (one like mine where there is no instruction) and got to work.. Its Saturday night now and im only half done. We will hope for the best in the morning. Please enjoy this video and see my channel for the possibly failed tripod project on sunday evening. Being a channel for beginners, by a beginner, I always post my project weather they are a fail or not. I think its important to embrace your projects and learn from them in anyway possible. Thanks for the read and see you soon!

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farmhouse table for my kids! the great canadian build off

Happy Sunday all! This week Phil and I did the great Canadian build off. His wife had been asking him to build a children’s play table so we decided on that. I wanted to do something different so I made a farmhouse style table scaled down to my kids size. finished product looks amazing. Everyone who makes these tables always stains the top with a dark stain and paints the legs a light colour. I went with a different look, I used Danish oil. Iv never been a fan of staining. Oil brings out the natural look of the wood I think, It shows any and all imperfections. I always feel like, when staining, I’m trying to make the wood something its not trying to be. Oil’s just have a far more natural look. But this is just my personal opinion and I understand alot of folk’s would disagree lol. In a future video ill be making chairs for this table, or possibly a bench, so stay tuned! Thanks for the quick read and I hope you all enjoyed the video. Come on over to youtube and say hello sometime.

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Top 3 Woodworking shows! no… im not one of them..

Happy long weekend folks! Iv got some time to play around this weekend. I seem to be getting more filming done then anything. This video is my top 3 fav woodworking shows on youtube. I wont explain why i chose these 3 because the video says it all but i picked Steve Ramsey, Mattias Wandel and April Wilkerson. These are the shows that motivated me to get started. They gave me the tools to get up and running. Its now a life long love affair. The further i get into woodworking the happier i am. I cant imagine ill ever stop learning about woodworking. I like to believe the way i carry myself in day to day life. Its taught me patience, both in the shop and in life, its taught me perseverance, Again in the shop and that has come back to me 10 fold in my construction job. At work, I work with steel. I build walls for buildings around canada and the united states. Some how its become far more interesting sense woodworking came into my life and iv started to excess ahead of my co workers. I like to give credit when credit is due and the credit goes to these woodworkers for taking the time to make these video’s for people like me. People who would have otherwise never had a chance. THANK YOU!

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Join the great Canadian build off and help spread cancer awareness!!!

Hey guys! Im exited to tell you guys that Phil from Jake and Emmys dad Workshop And i are starting a Collaboration video entitled The Great Canadian Build off. Both being parents of young children we thought it would be a great idea to build our kids a small play table. All wood shops are welcome to join, there’s only one rule, Have fun! build a small table for your children and get it on film and join the fun! Your choice of size, joinery and wood species. It can be as easy or as complicated as you want. Phil and I are doing this in three weeks time as a two part series. The second set will include a few more wood working channels that have signed on for mid to late October. The best part about this collab is we have decided to implement awareness for a cancer fighting charity (most likely Canadian Cancer society) so the more people who join the more people we can get involved in the good fight. PLEASE consider joining and help save lives! If anyone here has the means then please pass along this message to anyone you think would consider joining in. It would be amazing if we could get someone with a big following to spread the message. Thanks for the read ladies and gentleman and have a great week! And please remember, You DO NOT have to be canadian!!

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Making my first wood working mallet(and tenon)

Happy sunday peoples!

This week I made my first woodworking mallet. It wasnt without problems but it still came out great! made of maple with oak wedges. Making this mallet means i had to make my first tenon, I made a 2×4 tenon jig that sat over my table saw fence and got to work. I dont know if there is a specific trick to these jigs so i really took my time and made many light passed on the saw till i had my desired size, when complete it seemed to be sitting a little (about a 16th) sideways on the mallet handle. So i couldnt fit the 3rd wedge in the top of the head. If anyone has any advice on what exactly went wrong (you can see a visual of what i did in the video below) then im all ears. I suspected that its possible that the way i clamped the head on so hard may have squeezed it to one side to hard but I cant be to sure. I already thinking of making a second one to try and correct myself. But, Overall im still very happy with the way it turned out. Its got great balance and weight. I filled it with sand instead of metal weights. I didnt feel it needed to be to heavy. Thanks for the read and enjoy the rest of your weekend guys!

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Jigs, jigs and More jigs!

Iv come to the conclusion that i cannot have enough wood working jig! Iv become a collector. Spline jig, tapering jig, edge jointing jig, cross cut sled and now my newest edition, A mitre sled. And trust me when i tell you im just getting started. Iv still got many on my mind. Dowel jig, router jigs and band saw jigs to name a few. Jigs are amazing in the fact that you make them yourself and they are specific to your needs. This mitre jig will give me years of enjoyment because i make so many picture frames and it just got alot easier. this with my spline jig i feel like iv just gone pro! Have watch and see how its done. Mine is as simple as they come and great for any new wood worker! see you guys over there.

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